Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Losing motivation

So, today I discover that Monday is a bank holiday and the kiln repair man won't be coming. I don't know when he will be coming. Any later than Monday and the show is definitely not going to happen. I was pushing it time wise as it is.

This is the vase I was working on. The vase part is finished, but I was going to add fancy handles today. Now I can't be bothered. Maybe later.

And that's it. I don't know what else to tell you today.


Angela Finney said...

Is there anyway you can contact him and go get the kiln he was going to let you borrow?

Do you have your former class resources to call upon for assistance in firing?

Love this vase, I love that shape. What little bit of pottery I have worked with, I remember an instructor saying that shape was a master shape, especially when throwing.

mona said...

I agree with Angela, Don't let this defeat you. I would definitely try firing at least some in the smaller kiln.

Kim Hines said...

been reading the last few days, just no time to comment. don't get down in the dumps because of all this. it happens to all of us, believe me! besides, your just starting out right? and you've got a show coming up? that's enough to put anybody on edge. don't know what type of show you're trying to prepare for, but if i were you, instead of trying to get all this stuff done, concentrate on quality and form, not quantity. don't stress it, what's the worse that can happen anyway? it's not like they're going to throw rotten tomatoes at you and make you leave so quit stressing on it. you've still got lots of learning to do, don't think anybody knows all there is to know about clay. well, i suppose some people come pretty close lol. ok, enough w/ that, the vase looks great. if you think it needs handles, go for it. of course i've never been one for a plain vase lol. and coiling? forget it. not my thing but you did good :)

Undaunted said...

Thank you so much Angela, Mona and Kim.

Wow, I have been so down this evening. I really tried to put handles on this vase tonight but it just wasn't working, which made me feel worse!

BUT, I am undaunted, right? I'd made up my mind to call for the little kiln tomorrow, and then I came on here and read your lovely and encouraging comments :) I'm going to go ahead with it, but I shall have less pieces than planned. So what - I've had to do that before!

Thank you so much for all your encouragement :)

Undaunted said...

ps. Angela and Kim - I had to coil this because I can't throw!!

DirtKicker Pottery said...

Good for you Linda. Take what you can and just get what you can from the experience. Take lots of business cards.
Your vase is lovely.
:) Cindy

Undaunted said...

Thank you Cindy, I'm glad you like it :)

I didn't even think about business cards! Thanks for the tip!