Monday, 17 May 2010

Clay Day 10

Well, my clay time seems to be getting later and later in the day... but I'm still sticking to it! The 28 day challenge that is. You know, the one I'm not doing...

Anyway, I probably told you that the heating broke down last week. And as you know, my laptop conked out a couple of days ago. Then there were the broken feet on the squirrel, and the log that collapsed last night. Well guess what? Today the vacuum cleaner packed up as well! Whatever next?? With everything going wrong just lately, I am getting more and more nervous about firing the kiln, and I'm starting to lose my confidence a bit. I'm happy with tonight's efforts though...

Please do not adjust your screens... I've had to stand the log on it's end to dry so that it won't collapse again! The bird is firmly attached, so I think/hope it will be ok.

I've just remembered that I forgot to give him feet! Oh well, I shall have to do that tomorrow. :)

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Kathy L said...

Catching up on blogs...Can't wait to see what happens next!