Saturday, 15 May 2010

Clay Day 8

Well, I didn't think today was going to happen, clay wise! I slept most of the day away and then we have been very busy this evening trying to organise the house! (Did I mention that since we had to move a load of furnature for the electrician, we thought we would swap a couple of rooms round at the same time?) Of course, things always look worse before they look better, but I'm pleased with what we got done tonight. A great way to spend a Saturday night eh?

I finally got my clay out around 10pm!! Suffice to say, I haven't finished the piece I was working on, but here it is so far...

Keeping with the woodland theme, it is going to be a log with ivy and flowers and a little bird sitting on top! I'd be happy to stay up and finish it tonight, but Scott keeps reminding me that we need to get up early tomorrow.

I'm starting to feel a little worried about this woodland theme. Do you think people will appreciate the fact that the pieces are all part of a theme, or will they just look and think "everything looks the same"? I do plan to make some other pieces for the show as well, I just wanted to make all my woodland pieces in one go, because the clay is soo darn messy!

Here is a picture of yesterday's pieces too.

These are wall plaques. They're not flat, they're curved, like the bark has just been lifted off the tree. I'm not blown away by them to be honest, but maybe someone will like them? Of course the ivy will be green and the heart "carving" on the tree bark will be a lighter brown. Maybe they'll grow on me once they're glazed? What do you think?


Kathy L said...

I'd hang them up! I know this sounds silly but I would not worry about what other people think. Put a little plaque out near your pieces saying something like: "Woodlands Series." And then leave it at that. I love the bird!

Undaunted said...

Thank you Kathy, I suppose I'm just nervous about what people think because exhibiting is still quite new to me. You're right, I shall do as you have suggested :)