Sunday, 23 May 2010

Clay Day 15 and 16

Well, the vase is coming along... really slowly! I'm having to stop after every coil or two for it to firm up a bit, so I'm kind of working on it off and on throughout the day. I really had trouble with it yesterday. The coils seemed to be drying in my hands and it wasn't blending well. I'm making very short coils as I go along now and keeping the clay well covered in between. I think it must be the heat.

I can't decide what to do with this vase. I don't know whether to leave it quite open at the top and have ivy growing out of it, or whether to put a neck on it and have ivy growing around it, or just forget the ivy, add a couple of nice handles, and carve a Jane Austen design on it. I'm leaning towards the latter just because I don't actually have much of a "collection" of Jane Austen pieces - only a few tiles, and that's it! But I do like the ivy. Whatever I'm doing I'd better do it quickly because I'm running out of time! To think, I put off making a rabbit because I didn't think I would have time, and so far this silly vase has taken me four days!!


Anonymous said...

thanks for the comments

Kathy L said...

I like your last idea with the handles. Can't wait to see what you come up with. ANd you know that Jane is quite popular!


Undaunted said...

You're welcome Emily :) I love your blog and you are amazingly creative!
Thanks Kathy :) Really? Is Jane really that popular? I think I move in the wrong circles! No one I know ever likes the same things as me! But as long as she's popular at the show I don't care! :)