Sunday, 9 May 2010

Clay Day 2

How lovely it would be to tell you all that I am having another try at the 28 day challenge, but the way my life goes, I just know that as soon as I say it something will happen to stop me creating! Not that I'm superstitious, just... pessimistic!!

Anyway, I'm trying to be positive about this upcoming exhibition, even though it's only 3 1/2 weeks away and I don't have any finished pieces yet! With that in mind, I'm going to try to be creative as often as I possibly can and hopefully that will work out to be every day! At the very least it should help to keep me sane, even if I end up not being ready in time!

So here is today's efforts.

This is a remake of the Tree Fairy vase. I still need to carve the bark and add the leaves and flowers. I was hoping to have this finished this evening but I had to go to my sisters house to have a bath and I ended up being there for ages just chatting! But that's a whole other story!


Kathy L said...

You go girl!

Kim Hines said...

very nice! i like your faces, i've always had a hard time w/ them. keep it up and you'll fill up that big kiln in no time :)

Undaunted said...

Thank you girls! I'm up early today (for me anyway!) to finish off this piece - so it's clay day number 3! I'll upload photos later.