Thursday, 27 May 2010

Clay Day 20 - Jane Austen won!

Well, there was a bit a of a struggle with that vase I finished yesterday! The vase wanted to stay plain, but the ivy wanted to grow all over it, and even Jane wanted to stamp her mark on it! In the end, Jane won! It had to be done I'm afraid, so that it would fit in with my theme, but I tried to keep it as simple as possible. Sorry girls!

Just an outline of Marianne, with no hills or houses.

The plan was to coil a couple of matching vases over the next couple of days, one for Marianne and one for Emma, but a couple of days just won't be long enough, so I've opted for jugs/pitchers instead. I can slab build these, so it will be much quicker.

Just a week to go before the show!! I set up on Thursday morning, ready for the opening evening on Friday!

Later, on day 20
The start of a couple of jugs/pitchers.

Looking like a cauldron so far! Hmmm.... now there's a thought....


Kathy L said...

Oh yea, so glad Jane won out!
k Day 20 and almost there!

Undaunted said...

Thanks Kathy!

I just realised the other night that day 28 will be the day of the show, just like it was for you! How flukey is that??