Wednesday, 31 December 2008

We Have a WINNER!!

Yay! Congratulations to Leanne for being the first to guess correctly that the piece I am currently working on is a swan! Here is the progress so far...

I still have to make the wings, which I am really not confident about, but then I wasn't confident about the neck or the head either! I just have to keep telling myself "You can do it Linda!"

We are lucky enough to have swans in our town and I went to see them yesterday to take a few photo's for you.

The light was fading, but it was quiet and peaceful and I enjoyed spending those few moments watching these beautiful birds preening. I really should come here more often.

Synchronised preening!

Swans feature quite heavily in our town actually. Our shopping centre is called The Swansgate Centre, and many years ago there used to be a fountain in the centre of it with beautiful huge swan sculptures. I have no idea why they decided to remove it. We also have a place called Swanspool Gardens with a tree carved into the shape of a swan.

And now, on with the prize!

I have found it quite difficult to decide what would be an appropriate prize for this competition, especially as I am still early on in my journey and don't have many pieces to choose from! (Plus the fact that I am in the UK so I have to think about postage!) So I will allow Leanne to choose her prize from the following options:

My Johnny Depp portrait, measuring approximately 4.5 x 5 inches, framed once I can get the right size mount!

My castle, remembering that it needs a candle taller than a tea light!

Or my flower mug, which actually isn't so bad, despite the fact that it's not brown!

Thank you to everyone for taking part! And lastly I would just like to say a special thank you to Leanne, because until I saw her blog the thought had never even crossed my mind that coil building could be used to create sculptures. In fact, I didn't even realise that it was a genuine technique - I just thought that coiling was what kids did in school!


painter girl said...

Me! Wow! I am so lucky. You are so sweet to offer me a prize. I love them all it is hard to choose. I think that I would like to have the mug. I loved it from it's birth and me and Queeny both thought it was fabu after the firing. I have to say it was hard to choose though as I love the other prizes too.

The swan is beautiful and so graceful is her neck. You did a wonderful job on the building.
Can't wait to see what you do next!
Thanks again for a wonderful prize.

Undaunted said...

Thank you Leanne! I just hope she doesn't slump or something in the kiln!

I had a feeling you might choose the mug! I'm glad I gave you a choice though, so that I know you are happy with your prize! I will get that posted to you as soon as possible.