Monday, 29 December 2008

Can You Tell What It Is Yet? - Part Four

There have been some really good guesses so far, but sadly none have been right! Thank you to everyone that has been joining in! I feel sure that today's photo's will completely give it away!

I found this part really tricky. It's at this point that I decided that working from a photo might be a good idea! I pulled off some of the polystyrene to get it out of the way, but some of it is starting to come off in my hands when I try to turn it! This piece is getting heavy!

I feel sure that once you see the next photo you will know instantly what this is going to be! (Although I took the photo at a different angle to try to disguise it!)

I've been shopping around for just the right sized frame for the prize! Unfortunately, I've had no luck yet, but I will keep trying!

Remember - one guess each for this post! If we have a winning answer, it will be revealed tomorrow!

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