Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Can You Tell What It Is Yet? - Part Five!

Wow, I can't believe there were no guesses for yesterday's post! I felt sure that the last photo would give it away - but then I suppose it seems obvious to me because I know what it is!

It's been a few day's now since I last worked on the piece - I have been so tired! So here are the last of the photo's of the progress so far. Hopefully I will get to work on it more later today before it dries out too much.

Once I started working from a photo I realised that the pointed end was the wrong shape, so I cut a piece out so that I could change it.

Here I have started changing the shape of the pointed end, and you also get to see the rounded end from a different angle than yesterday!

The pointed end has been closed up again, and the rounded end has been extended. Only two more things to add to this piece! Come on people! You must know what it is now!


painter girl said...

a Swan! A beautiful swan! She is so pretty. Love it!

queencraftygirl said...

My thoughts exactly! Can't wait to see it finished!!


Undaunted said...

YAY!! We have a WINNER!! Congratulations Leanne!

Oh Queeny, What a shame you didn't get in sooner with your answer! But well done for getting it right as well!

cynthia said...

Hah - before I saw the more recognizable form, I thought it was a men's hospital urinal... lol

I see the swan now!! Thank goodness :)

Undaunted said...

Lol, I'll try one of those next time Cynthia! :D Actually, there was a point when I felt like I was shaping something I shouldn't be, but seeing as this is a family show I'll leave that to your imagination!