Saturday, 27 December 2008

Can You Tell What It Is Yet? - Part Two

No correct guesses so far, so on with the competition. Remember, only one guess each for this post, and the first one to guess correctly is the winner!

Don't let these walls for support fool you! (A tip I learnt from Leanne)

I have this amazing tool for making holes in clay - it's called a drinking straw! You just poke it in the clay and when you pull it out it leaves a hole! I'm the queen of improvisation!

That black thing that it's sitting on is my "whirler" - or in layman's terms, "the polystyrene plate that my frozen pizza came on"!

More clues tomorrow!


Kathy L said...

I have no idea but I will guess anyway, how about some kind of candy/serving dish. Oh I hope your Christmas holiday ws wonderful. I am now trying to get ready for n art show in January. Linda, can't wait to see more of your object d art!


Anonymous said...

Hmmm don't know, casserole?

Drinking straws rock!

Undaunted said...

Nice try ladies, but sadly, no.

Try again in the next post - it's starting to look... interesting!

Kathy, the holiday was wonderful for me because I stayed away from all the chaos and worked on my clay piece! I look forward to hearing more about the show n January.

Cynthia, I improvise with lots of things in my kitchen - I use wooden spatula's either side of my clay when I'm rolling it out to get the right thickness!