Wednesday, 3 December 2008

It's all about the Journey

Oh yes, it's all about the journey on this blog, so you get to see everything, good or bad, and this is definitely bad!

This is my still life drawing from last night's class. We could draw anything we wanted, and I wanted a challenge, and boy was it! For some reason the photograph seems completely different from what I was looking at! Who says the camera never lies? Even so, I know that the horn at the top is too narrow, and the nose is too short (I should add that this drawing is unfinished). I need practice! But this was the last drawing and painting class for six weeks. Where can I find a skull from? *Linda looks around at possible candidates for beheading*

Anyway, I know I was supposed to be skipping the last drawing class and going to my clay class again last night, but I got a call during the day saying that the clay class had been cancelled. Unfortunately, thinking I was going to be working on my vase the following night, I didn't put a damp paper towel in with it, so I don't know if it will be damp enough to work on next week. I might have to call it finished. Also, although it might be too dry to work on, it won't be dry enough to fire because I've wrapped it in plastic. Of course if I could have gone in to class last night I would have left it to dry afterwards. Oh well. It happens. I'm sure the tutor wouldn't have cancelled the class without a very good reason.

I still have one more class left next week and I have re-enrolled for his classes starting in January. I know I moaned about my tutor before, but now that we have the glazing issue sorted out, he's actually not that bad. When I think about it, he might not be very enthusiastic or complimentary but he lets me go into class early and he allows me to bring pieces from home to be fired; I'm not sure if other tutors would. He also said he would help me to choose a clay that's right for me to work with at home, which I thought was nice. (I'm running out, and I wanted a nice white clay this time, but there are so many! It's quite confusing!)

I have a bit of a dilemma regarding classes. I really want to do more than one clay class next term. I have the chance to enrol on the Tuesday evening class with the same tutor, which would give me more time to finish the pieces I start on a Monday effectively, but that would mean that I won't be able to go to the drawing and painting class. There is another class nearer to home on a Tuesday, and I can see the benefits of having more than one tutor and possibly more glazes to choose from, but again I wouldn't be able to go to the drawing and painting class. I think there might be other classes held during the day time, but I won't know for sure until the prospectus comes out in January, and if there aren't any, by that time it will be too late to enrol on a Tuesday evening class because the spaces fill up quickly. I obviously need drawing practice though, so maybe I should stick with that class on a Tuesday!


Leanne Pizio said...

Hey Un D!
I think picking the most challenging set up is wonderful. It shows you are not scared to take on the difficult compositions!
Rock on!
About the skull, they sell fake plastic ones on the internet as well as real ones. I have seen some on e-bay and the plastic ones can be quite cheap.
Can't wait to see which classes you pick for January.
I am thinking about taking a class next semester as well. I'm a little nervous because I would be taking a writing class at the college level. I never have done that before.
Hubby told me we will be in London this spring for about 10 days for his work. If you are not far from London, any chance you would like to meet up?

Undaunted said...

That would be great! Ooh, I'd be so nervous and shy! By the way, hubby called our hosting company so hopefully the email problem should be sorted out now - I'll email you after this about skyping.

Thank you for your tactful comments about my skull drawing! ;) I've been feeling more confident about my drawing recently so I thought I would give it a go. Thanks for the advice about where to find a skull too! When we were kids my brother used to bring them home from a nearby field - my Mum said it was where the devil worshipers used to sacrifice goats! Just thought I would share that - I have no idea why! :)

That's exciting news about your writing class! I hope it goes well and you enjoy it!

Leslie Rubio said...

I read your profile and admire your determination in pursuit of making art. Others might have turned away.
Drawing a skull is very challenging-especially from a photo. The self portrait you did is wonderful and captured the expressiveness of the photo.
Keep making your art and do what you love and what your passion is. Your gift is your art and it is meant to be shared.


Undaunted said...

Hi Leslie, thank you for taking the time to stop by my blog and comment! Your murals and water colours are so pretty!

Unfortunately I did turn away - for 19 years! But now I'm determined to keep going. I was just a child back then, and so crushed. I still don't understand why the person at the college didn't just tell me to practice, build up a portfolio and come back in a couple of years. Oh well, his loss, not mine.

This skull drawing was from life, but I took a photo to show what I was drawing.

Thank you so much for your compliments and encouragement!