Monday, 14 June 2010

Surely sales mean more than prizes?

(even if the prize is £600??)

I managed to collect my unsold pieces on Saturday without collapsing on the floor in a coughing fit. While I was packing up a lady approached me and, pointing to the Thrush, said that if I ever made a Robin she would be interested. I offered to make one for her as a private sale, but she seemed happier to wait until the next FPAA exhibition in November. I'm not sure if this means she's not really that serious, or if it is due to her loyalty to the Art Fellowship (they make 20% from sales at the shows). And let's face it, they could do with a few more sales. It's quite expensive to hire the venue, and roadworks meant less visitors this time. What do I care? I made 3 sales! :D

At these shows there is usually a "best painting" and "best runner up", but I have no idea who these were. I do know that Stella Benford won "best sculpture" (no surprise there) and "best runner up sculpture". I was happy for her because she is a wonderful artist, and such a warm person, but Scott was outraged! He said "when people run in a race they can't win first and second place, it has to be one or the other!" I see his point, but what surprised me more than that was actually the pieces that won! I really thought her sculpture of the lady would come first, but it didn't! I didn't get photos of the winning pieces but you can just about see them in this photo - in the top left is her Green Man oil burner, which came first, and in the bottom left is a pot/vase with holes carved out, which came runner up. (click for larger view)

Stella was as surprised as I was. She said "Personally, I was more excited about my raku fired pieces!" What can I say? Obviously the one doing the judging has a different artistic vision to the rest of us! He should have gone to specsavers!! (a UK joke) Scott's obviously upset because he wanted me to win something, bless him. But what do I care? I sold 3 pieces! :D

So today I dragged myself out again to drop off Swanee and Polo to the Wellingborough Open Art Competition and exhibition. I was sad to leave them there! Especially Polo. I gave him a pat on the head and told him to behave himself (which was my way of saying "I'm gonna miss you buddy") and the lady taking in the entries looked round to see who I was talking to! The judging is tomorrow and I should hear in writing by the weekend if my pieces have been accepted for the exhibition or not.

As I said before, I don't expect to win, but it would be nice to have a piece accepted this time. I had a look around at the other entries while I was there, and to be honest, none of the sculptures blew me away, not like last time. Last time, as soon as I had clapped eyes on Stella Benford's piece I knew I had seen the winner.

Stella's previous winning piece

This time there are a couple of pieces that I think might win just for being a little bit "different", but they're not my cup of tea. I suppose it depends on whether these judges have been to Specsavers or not!

But what do I care? I've sold 3 pieces!! :D


Angela Finney said...

Hope you really feel better soon, Linda. It seems so strange to me that you both keep getting this crud. Wish the doctors could be of more help.
Many people come to belive the sales are worth much more than prizes. But then again, prizes can help lead to sales.
It is great you are being so immersed!!!!! Keep it up!

Kathy L said...

Ditto on hopingyou feel better soon. Gosh this thing has hung on for a long time! Good for you getting out there. You have no where to go but up. I am so proud of you Linda. Make that robin though, you just never know...

Undaunted said...

Thank you Angela! Who am I trying to kid eh? Of course I'd like to win, but I'm so glad that I had those sales so that I can console myself with them! I'm very pleased for Stella though, she really is a wonderful artist.

Thank you so much Kathy! Yes, I will definitely make the robin - during my inactivity I've been looking up reference photos and choosing glazes!

Thank you both so much for your well wishes :)

cynthia said...

I'm no expert, but I'd agree with Scott. It's either 1st or 2nd or 3rd. A person shouldn't be awarded multiple prizes unless they were the sole entrant. Just my humble opinion....

Celebratory congratulations for selling 3 pieces, however - that IS terrific news!

Undaunted said...

It's true Cynthia, but I'm not upset about it. I think I would be more upset if her best piece won and another piece of hers came runner up, because that would show that the judge had some degree of sanity! As it is, I think he must have been drunk or something :)

Thank you for the congratulations!!

mona said...

Sales trump ribbons any day of the week. Even award money (though cash of any kind is always appreciated) I tend to think you should feel more honored with the idea that someone is willing to part with their hard-earned money in order to have your work in their homes.

I definitely agree with Angela ribbons do help with sales. But at the same time I have a bunch of ribbons hanging in my framing room and more in a storage closet. These give me no real pleasure after the actual awardings. But having money in the bank that makes me smile. And loyal patrons bring me real joy.

It is odd they gave both awards to the same artist though not unprecedented. Most events dp prefer to spread the love as it were though.

Good luck with Swanee and Polo :)

Undaunted said...

Thank you Mona, I needed to read this today - Swanee and Polo didn't make it :(