Saturday, 17 April 2010

I don't know what to do!!

I had almost completely made up my mind to go for that old kiln that I saw the other week. I decided that I was just being a snob to want a bigger and newer kiln and that this 18inch square kiln would suit my needs perfectly well. I just needed to get my brother to view the kiln too, as he would be the brains behind the operation of getting it here. I still feel that way, but...

... I decided to have one last little look on ebay, and what did I see? A kiln that's even bigger than the one I was out bid on! It's two feet. Yes, two whopping feet wide and over two feet high!! Can you imagine the sculptures I can fit in that?? But it's still not as bulky on the outside as the old kiln I went to see. Come to mummy!!!

The only problem is that it is probably going to be at least £500 more expensive to buy, and probably cost more to run. That's a lot of chocolate!! But we can't always have what we want, right?

And on the subject of chocolate, I would like to say a huge thank you to Leanne, who has offered to buy some chocolate for me! Any other readers, please feel free to send me as much as you like!! :D Hahaha! Right now I feel like I could steal some from a crying baby! But seriously, I can give it up, I love clay more than chocolate, although I couldn't eat a whole bag. :)

I know, I'm quite upbeat for a sick person aren't I? I think these steroids are doing something to my brain!!

Someone who has been seriously sick though, is the other Linda, who won my tiles in the One World One Heart competition. I was so shocked when I read about her recent ordeal. Please visit her and give her lots of love and well wishes.

If you have any advice on the kiln, any advice at all, please give it to me!! I want to hear your views!


Unknown said...

I don't know...if it's right...go for it...if not... WAIT. chocolate? I am a white sugar girl...hang are great and we all love you!

Undaunted said...

Ahh, thank you so much Judi! We all like to know we're loved :D

Good advice on the kiln too, but I'm always so unsure I'll probably end up never buying anything!

Atelje Skärvan said...

Dont give up,hugs Agneta

Undaunted said...

Thank you so much! I visited your blog and it's very beautiful! If only I could understand it! :) Is your name Atelje or Agneta?

Kim Hines said...

stumbled across your blog, as for kiln size, do you want to make larger pieces? if so you need a bigger kiln. or you can start out w/ a smaller kiln, and when you've grown use the little one for a test kiln and get a bigger one. i jumped in feet first and bought a larger (for me- 23"wx19"t inside")kiln several years ago. now i'd like to have a bigger one so i can fit more in there, but for now the one i have works fine for me. and giving up chocolate?!? you must really want a kiln lol. good luck!

Undaunted said...

Hi Kim! Thanks for leaving a comment! It's always so exciting to know I have new readers!

Yes, I am hoping to make larger sculptures. I've made a couple of sculptures, (a polar bear and a swan) and I'm working on a head at the moment. I know that's not many, but it's early days for me! That's really where I want to go though.

Ahh, the chocolate - I expect it will have me in tears some days, but yes, I really want a kiln!!