Sunday, 14 March 2010

Fred the head

So, I pulled my finger out and look what happened! Fred the head had a gender re-assignment! It's true. Fred just wasn't working for me for so many reasons, so he has now become Freida! Doesn't really rhyme though does it? Freida the head.... no.... Jane the... brain... no... I'll have to think about this one.

I was having a complete confidence crisis with Fred, and I wasn't sure why. I couldn't understand it because (although it was a long time ago) I've made a head before, and I like to think I have progressed since then. Looking back I think it was a combination of things. For a start I was worrying too much about doing it the "right way". When I was a kid in school the teacher basically wrapped some clay around some news paper and said "there you go, now shape it into a head" and I just sort of... did it. There wasn't a right and wrong way, it just had to look right once it was finished. But this time I had watched some clay tutorials of Philippe Faraut and although the training was excellent, it threw me into a state of panic! He made it look so easy, but it just... wasn't. I suppose I'm not used to doing things like this in a set way.

It was this post by Jafabrit that helped me realise that I just have to do things my own way. Jafabrit was given some advice about technique for a particular stitch - I mean, hello? Have you seen Jafabrit's embroidery? As if she needs advice! Jafabrit admitted that the advice was very good, but for her, embroidery is another medium for her to express herself, and rules are irrelevant.

The other problem I was having was my subject. The person I chose to make had very... unique and interesting features. But, maybe a little too unique for a first attempt after over 20 years! The subject was Michael Jackson. As much as I love his music, and as interesting as his features are, I just didn't feel inspired.

So tonight, the big square chin had to go, and I started on my female head. If you are a sculptor and technique is important to you then look away now! I have no idea what I am doing and I don't care! That's just how I roll.

It obviously still needs a lot of work! Those eyes will be the death of me! There is still a prize up for grabs for the first person to guess who she is!


jafabrit said...

I am blushing at the compliment, but more important I am glad I said something that was helpful. I really LIKE your head. So now it is Freda the Head, right! Is it you :)

mona said...

I too am liking Freida (or Freda) Jane? whomever she is. She's come so much farther a long as a female. Very nice. I've no idea who she is though I too thought perhaps it might be you. :)

Undaunted said...

Thank you Jafabrit and Mona!

No, I'm not quite sure how to spell it Mona! I actually have a niece called Freda, and I think it is spelt "Freda" but I'm not sure! I suppose Freda would make more sense for the head because it's just sort of, Fred, but with an "a" on the end :)

Anyway, I can see why you would both think it might be me, with the round face, but if you saw my side profile my nose curves up like a ski slope! Actually, I have this sort of round... ball thing, on the end of my nose. lol At school I always used to make faces with the same shaped nose as me!

Well, aren't I chatty today!! It's amazing what a bit of clay time can do for a person!

Thanks for popping in, and keep guessing!!

Kathy L said...

I am no sculptor but I love Freida. OK I can't tell who it is yet. But it is not Feida Kahlo. I will keep at it though.


Undaunted said...

Thank you Kathy. You are quite right, it is not Freda Kahlo.

I was going to say "keep guessing" but I'm hoping in time that it will look like the person it is meant to be and no one will have to guess!