Saturday, 27 March 2010

Day five

I had another go at my Mum's mug tonight. Here it is compared to a normal sized mug. Oh, my Mum does like a nice big cuppa!

I know it will shrink, but now I remember where I got the idea from for this plant pot!

And my Mum's plant seems very happy in it!

I'm just letting the plant pot mug set up a bit now before I add the handle. Oh, and I must remember to add those flowers too! Thankfully things ran smoothly this evening. I let the clay dry out a bit before using it, which prevented it from just collapsing all over the place when I was trying to put it together. The lino cut seemed to make a clearer impression tonight as well.

So that's day five. I must admit that I am itching to get my black/brown clay out, as messy as it is. I think its because I'm looking forward to just playing! Me! The one who finds it impossible to just play! But it's soooo messy. I need to get Freda and some other pieces out of the way first, but hopefully that won't take too long, now that I am having clay time every day! :)


Is this handle too big?


Flight Fancy said...

Very nice! I like a BIG cup too. As for the handle, I like the ones you can slide all four of your fingers through so your palm lays flat along the cup. Looks good. bet your Mum will love it!

Undaunted said...

MMmm, yes I know what you mean. A hug in a mug! Thank you Flight Fancy and thanks for popping in :)

Kathy L said...

I like the big cuppa the way it is. Can't wait to see it finished.


Undaunted said...

Umm... yeah, you might have to wait a while. I'll explain in a post, but thanks Kathy.