Saturday, 30 August 2008

Exhibition Comments

Yes, I know it's been ages (again) since I last posted, but no, I haven't given up, and no, I haven't died! I have been a little poorly just lately though and I haven't felt up to doing much (sympathy most welcome); I haven't even got round to photographing my drawing from my third life drawing class, which was over two weeks ago!

Today was the last day of our exhibition and we took it down this afternoon. I said from the start that I didn't expect to sell anything but that if I received some nice comments I would be happy. Here are the comments that were written in my little comments book, unabridged and unedited! And at least two of them were by people I don't know!

Modern subdued colours in tune with current interior decors. "Footprints" canvas makes a statement!

The pictures are wonderful. I think Linda must have a warm heart and big breast. x

I love the effective yet simplistic feel you give. Leaf is a great contrast of colours and shapes. Rise gives a lovely feel of evening just beyond. Bulrushes is simple and definitely a statement of "less is more"!! Footprints is just simply "AMAZING". Very talented. x x x

I love your paintings Linda! I really can't believe how good/talented you are!
Lots of love Anne


Hi Linda it's Serena! Wow, you're very talented! They're all amazing, but my favourite is "Footprints in the Sand". I love the way you've done it. Keep up the good work.
love Serena x x

Really like the Rise. Well done.
Sylvia C

I enjoy your work very. Keep good work up. Like the footprint in sand.

Really like "Footprints in the Sand". Very realistic and I like the 3D effect.
Kayleigh :)

I like all your colours, but I especially love the BLUES in your paintings. Overall they're paintings that make you keep looking at them over and over again to capture their meaning and effect. Well done.
Joe A

My confidence has been quite low again recently, and I can't help feeling that the last person who commented was looking at someone else's paintings!

Anita sold one of her paintings, which is a great result for our first exhibition! Our next exhibition is in two weeks time, in the bar/restaurant area of an Arts Centre. We're both hoping to have something new to include by then.


cynthia said...

I hope you're feeling better soon!

It sounds like you received some terrific feed back - enjoy it, they were talking about your work. That said, I know how it feels when you put yourself out there. Throw your shoulders back, head held high and continue creating!

Undaunted said...

Thank you Cynthia!

I know I should be pleased about all those positive comments (and I am) but I can't help wondering if sometimes people are just being nice! Also, I find people who don't paint are easily impressed, but I imagine those who are artistic themselves would know how basic my paintings really are!

Mona Majorowicz said...

Honestly Undaunted, The beauty of your leaf, bull rushes and misty morning (was it?) paintings is the simplicity of them. The viewer gets to enjoy the line and composition of your work and your color palette lets the softness just wash over the viewer. I can't tell you how many instructors chant "simplify" to their students. Embrace what you do, because you do it well. :)

mona said...

I forgot to mention, In one of the comments what was that about big breasts? Whaaa?

Undaunted said...

Hahaha! I was wondering if anyone would pick up on that! That comment was by a crazy friend of mine!

Thank you so much Mona, that is a great compliment coming from you. :) I don't know why I struggle so much with confidence. I've talked to Anita about it because I wondered if I was exhibiting too soon and maybe should have waited until I had improved and/or gained more confidence, but who knows if I ever will gain more confidence? I could be waiting forever! I think it's what Cynthia hinted at - that it's nerve wracking to put yourself "out there". Maybe many artists struggle with this?

mona said...

I think most (if not all) artists struggle with self confidence from time to time. There is a confidence that will come after just "doing it" for awhile. Trust in the process.

Ha! That explains the breasts thing. I was wondering. Either they were clairvoyant or just a freak. :)

Undaunted said...

Oh yes, she's definitely a freak! :D

Thanks Mona, I hope so.