Monday, 1 September 2008

Life Drawing and Latest Painting

At last! I have some photos to show you! Here is the long awaited drawing from my last life drawing class, which was 13th August!

I had intended to do a little more to the drawing once I had got home, because as you can see, I seemed to get less done that night than the previous occasion! One day I will finish a drawing in two hours! I shouldn't be too hard on myself though; many of the others take a photo of the model so that they can finish their drawing/painting at home. I was just going to work from memory, but I never got round to it.

This is my latest painting which I finished last night. It is based on a previous found art piece, and is entitled "Yoof". The photography is particularly bad so you'll have to use your imagination with this one! I don't know why the blue looks paler in places. It is windsor blue and white.

Life Drawing 3 - 6B sketch stick on heavyweight A4 paper
"Yoof" - Acrylic on canvas, 50cm x 40cm


painter girl said...

Wow Un D!
I can see you grow in your drawing each time you post.
And the new painting is really nice. I love the contrast of the blue and white...but you know I love the contrast!
Great work!

Undaunted said...

Oh thank you Leanne! I was quite unsure about this one. The tutor said it was "sensitively drawn" which he said was good thing, but he got me to bring her left leg out more, which in turn lengthened her left arm, so now it's not in proportion. I spent quite a lot of time on the shading though, as the spot lights created many different degrees of shading on her right side. I'm not sure if it shows in the photo.

Anyway, I'm waffling! Thank you very much!

Kari Gibson said...

I am surprised your fellow students are allowed to take photographs of the life model. That is usually a big no-no in most colleges and universities. It is possible but only after signig your soul over!

Finishing a life drawing in 2 hours (less if breaks are taken into consideration), is very difficult to do, using speedier media, such as charcoal, does help.

And of course the more you do the easier it becomes.

Keep up the good work!

Undaunted said...

Thanks for the encouragement Kari :) I aspire to be as good as some of the others in the class, who seem to be able to draw the model and background in amazing detail in two hours! I'm not sure if I would call them "students", but John (M.A., NDD., D.L.C.A.(Hons.), A.T.C. (Dist.), A.T.D., Dip.F.P.A.A!), who runs the class tells me that we are all learning.

It's a private class held in his home, so maybe that's why photographs are allowed? They ask the permission of the model first of course.

cynthia said...

Love the more abstracted one on the bottom. - Nice work!

Undaunted said...

Thank you Cynthia :) I'm working on another piece in this style at the moment, and plan to do more too. I'm glad you like it!

JafaBrit's Art said...

your proportions and lines on the figure drawing is really nice and I LOVE the stencil like piece.

Undaunted said...

Thank you Jafabrit :) I'm glad you popped over; I thought you would like the painting as I remember you liked the found art piece it was based on.

It's such a compliment when all you great artists enjoy my work :) Thank you everybody!