Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Undaunted, wherefore art thou?

I'm here, just pottering around and not really accomplishing very much.

After my last post I spent some time 'phoning around for exhibition space for Anita and I. We now have something lined up for the last two weeks in September, and possibly longer, in the bar/restaurant area of an arts centre. We haven't seen the venue yet, but we plan to have a look around sometime soon. We have some other possibilities for next year, but unfortunately a lot of places are already booked up for the rest of this year, and some places are booked until 2010!

In saying that, we have now both joined the Fellowship for Professional and Amateur Artists, which is a local organisation, and this opens up other opportunities for us to exhibit with other artists. There is a two day exhibition coming up in the first week of September, and I believe another coming up in November. I'll know more when I receive the news letter.

I went to another life drawing class last Wednesday, which I will post about next, and Anita and I did a "meet the artist" thing at the library on Saturday. I think it's fair to say that it was a bit of disaster! One man started talking to us who was extremely loud and he seemed to scare everyone else away! We didn't know how to get rid of him! Then another man came along to join our conversation and Anita and I used the opportunity to escape for a brew! After all, we are the Escape Artists! As we sat in Costa Coffee we saw the two men walk past, still engrossed in conversation - we could see it was the start of a beautiful friendship, and our art had brought them together!

Apart from that I have been working on my blanket which I started crocheting last winter. Oh no. Did I say the W word? Yes I did. I think our summer is well and truly over. The weather we are experiencing now is more like mid October weather.

Wake me up in the spring!


Kathy L said...

Oh I so enjoyed this post. I laughed and smiled and pondered. I think it is wonderful that you guys have some support in your Fellowship group. I wish I had something like that here in McHenry County Illinois.... I can't wait to hear about your future exhibits. This is really exciting. And thank you for the comment on my most recent posting. I honestly am not sure if I am pleased with this most recent work or not. Oh the growing pains:)


Undaunted said...

Well, if you can't decide then you'll just have to take my word for it - it's beautiful! It has been amazing to watch it gradually coming together too.

Yes, we are very lucky with the Fellowship. The founder is the man who runs the life drawing classes at his home, and he is a lovely man, so encouraging.

Kathy L said...

Thanks Undaunted...you are a gem.


cynthia said...

I'd say you're doing much more than pottery around! You're laying the groundwork for your art future.

Undaunted said...

Thank you Cynthia, although it won't be much of a future if I don't get some painting done!!

Kari Gibson said...

Just a quick note to say how much I LOVE your blog (found it via a comment you left at Kathy L's). I will follow it eagerly as it reminds me of my mature student years!

Kari x

Undaunted said...

Hi Kari! Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving such positive comments! I need all the boosts I can get!