Monday, 28 July 2008

Last Week

The past week has been a week of adding finishing touches and varnishing pieces, in preparation for the exhibition which starts on Friday.

Originally I was going to display Sunrise, Leaf, Red, and She's on Fire, but I felt that the combination was a bit too random. Plus, I really wanted to give She's on Fire to my sister because she loves it so much. Then I decided on Sunrise, Leaf, and Nana's Bulrushes. I was totally settled on that idea, until late yesterday evening when I suddenly decided it will now be Sunrise, Leaf, and Footprints in the Sand!

Earlier in the week I had added another layer of sand to the Footprints piece and I think it looks much better now, so that's probably what helped to swing it!

The other pieces are now varnished, and She's on Fire is wrapped and ready to leave. I managed to get a slightly better photo of it before I wrapped it.

It's funny how you get used to seeing these pieces hanging around. I think I'm going to miss this piece, and we're going to have a lot of bare space on our walls for the month of August!

This week I have also been working on another triptych called Morning Haze, for my other sister.

The colour differences are quite subtle, apart from the brown obviously. This piece looked a little blue on my screen, which it isn't at all. The grey is a warm grey, sort of beige grey, and I mixed it with the cream colour to produce another colour in-between the two. I now think that I should have added some very pale trees, just showing through the haze, but as my husband pointed out, my sister really likes the minimalist look.

Morning Haze - emulsion on canvas, 50cm x 40cm x 3.

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