Friday, 18 July 2008

Open Art Competition Photographs

I don't know where this past week has gone, so in the absence of anything creative of my own to show you, I thought I would post a few photo's from the Open Art Competition.

This was the beautiful piece which unsurprisingly won the best sculpture category. I saw the artist, Stella Benford, bringing the piece in before the judging and she explained that it was made using wire and papier-mache. It is titled "Little Black Dress".

I am quite a fan of Stella's work, and amazingly I find that at local exhibitions I am often drawn to particular pieces, and then I find out they are all by Stella!

This incredible piece titled "D.C" by Steve Essom won best amateur, believe it or not.

And this piece by David Hunt "Arboreal Melody in Salcey Forest" won best professional.

This was one of Anita's entries. We're both curious to know if anyone who knows this woman has recognised her!

Anita picked this one out as her overall favourite. "The Garden Path" by Hannah Pugh.

My favourite was obviously "Little Black Dress", but out of the paintings this one stood out to me...

...and surprise surprise, I then found out that it was painted by Stella! It's titled "Broken Glass" and I love how the broken pieces are painted with texture, as if the canvas is broken glass. The light above the persons head is from the lights in the gallery, but the light above the head of the "reflection" is painted. The photo doesn't do the piece justice (do they ever?) but Anita and I both felt that Stella could have picked a more attractive model!

Well, that's my little round up. There was/is obviously lots more to see actually at the gallery, but some of them were difficult to photograph, particularly the ones behind glass, because of the light. Besides, there were 136 pieces so I'm not going to photograph and write about them all!


painter girl said...

Hey Un D,
Thanks for the pictures of the show. I love seeing what other people are producing especially so far away.
Love the Garden Path! The color is wonderful.

Undaunted said...

Hi Leanne, I'm glad you liked them :)

I was going to photograph a piece of my own today, but... well... I couldn't be bothered! It's been very hot here the last couple of days.