Saturday, 14 June 2008

Open Art Competition WIP Update

Yesterday was another creatively busy day for me, although I managed to make time for a nap and to meet Anita for my regular fix of Costa Coffee hot chocolate! In the morning I primed my Footprints piece with gesso. As you can see, I decided to coat all of it and not just the sea area.

It took quite a while to dry, so it was quite late in the evening when I painted it.

You might have noticed there is a little white area around the crisp packet corner. This is a potential disaster area. The plaster is quite thin over the top of the crisp packet, and it's been threatening to crumble away (there isn't a whole packet under there by the way, just a corner, to give the impression that the rest of it is buried). I have applied a thick layer of PVA glue and I am hoping that when it eventually dries it will hold it in place. So I wait, with bated breath.

Next step (I hope) - apply the sand!

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