Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Found Art Tuesday

Ok, I realise that this is an incredibly lazy piece of found art, but please don't be too hard on me - I've been feeling poorly and I've had a very busy day! (I drew this yesterday, so my busy day has nothing to do with it, I just want some sympathy!)

This was for the "Forget" theme a couple of weeks ago. I knew instantly what I was going to draw, I just hadn't got round to doing it. How did I come up with this idea so quickly? Because it has actually happened to me! Thankfully I hadn't shut my front door behind me before I realised that my legs were a bit chilly, because I didn't have a key to get back in!

By the way, that's "Tuesday" written on her pants!


Kathy L said...

Hehehehe. How fun.. Your readers know the secret! I hope whoever finds this goes to your blog! Nice work. Try the coke with vitamins...its good!


cynthia said...

That's too funny - luckily that's never happened to me. But, I have left the house with 2 different pairs of shoes on before.

Undaunted said...

Ah Kathy, never a dull moment in my life! I always seem to end up flashing my knickers in one way or another!

Coke with vitamins just sounds so... odd. I mean, it's not a healthy drink is it?! I'm a Pepsi girl myself, but I might try it one day :)

Undaunted said...

Hahaha! How bizarre! You know, a friend of mine did that too and I couldn't understand how she did it - but then I don't know how you can put your shoes on and not notice that your skirt is missing either!

Rosa Murillo said...

oh, this made me laugh! so clever!!

Undaunted said...

Hehe, glad you liked it Rosa! I have two found art pieces on the way... production is a little slow as I keep having to wait for the paint to dry! Hopefully I will post them here tomorrow though. :)