Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Found Art Tuesday and Big News!

Ok, so I’m a week late with my found art piece. This is for last weeks theme of “Circus”.

This piece was drawn in pen, coloured in pastels and pastel pencils, and then shiny things were stuck to the front.

The Big News
I received confirmation yesterday that I will be exhibiting with Anita in August at the local library. Yes, you read right, I will be exhibiting!

Anita is my crazy friend who has such faith in me that she asked me to exhibit with her before I’d even bought my first paint brush! I say “asked” but she hasn’t really given me the opportunity to say no! I had kept this news to myself thinking that the organiser would object to displaying the work of someone who had only started painting in January, and that it would all fall through, but obviously not. All I can say is, I’m glad I have more paintings to choose from than those from the Violent Death series! There will be a press release and posters will be displayed in the libraries of the surrounding towns. *Gulp*

I need to check the available space, but Anita has suggested I display a triptych, Red, and She’s on Fire. I need to decide by the end of this month, so that the library has time to take out insurance. Any thoughts? (Apart from "don't do it!" - I've already had that thought myself!)


Mona said...

Oh, I like this! Kinda french looking. Plus I am a girl who loves shiny sparkly things. :)

Congrats on your exhinbit. How very exciting! How many pieces do you need?

Undaunted said...

Hi Mona! I was just editing my post when I suddenly realised I had a comment! (I usually get email notification)

Thank you, I'm glad you liked the found art piece - I hope the person who finds it likes it just as much!

I'm not sure yet how many pieces I will need. It all depends on how much space Anita leaves me with! I'm not sure if it's exciting or just plain scary!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Un D!!!
What wonderful news...and I too love all things sparkly and this just fits the bill. When I see it I think of Degas's circus girls and for some reason I think of Toulouse la Trec.
Good Luck !!!
Leanne aka paintergirl

Undaunted said...

Thank you Leanne :D

Phew, when I saw "Anonymous" in my inbox I thought it was going to be a comment from a member of the public who had found my art! I was scared to read it!

Maybe subconciously I have been influenced by Degas, as I do like his work. It's a pitty I chopped off her head though!

I have an update on the exhibition to write now...