Monday, 2 March 2009

For me, it's all about the texture

Well, it's an absolutely beautiful day and I feel completely wretched. So I can't go out and enjoy the sunshine, but I can't sleep either. What's a girl to do? Blog!

Yes, I have finally come down with whatever that thing is that Scott has been (and still is) suffering from. It's more than a cold, but not quite the 'flu. I was exhausted all of last week and I couldn't figure out why, until Friday evening when this "thing" suddenly developed. Of course that means no creativity from me since my last post - and no class for me yet again this evening! This term has been a complete disaster for me so far!

Am I miserable about any of this? No, I'm not! I don't care how ill I feel this week, as long as it's gone by the weekend - because I'm going to meet up with Leanne!! Yay! Leanne is coming to England, and she's coming to my clay class next week! How amazing is that? We've also agreed to have a "chocolate exchange" - which cheered me up no end! (Sorry Rosa!)

But, I don't have to wait until Leanne arrives for the excitement to begin - look what came in the post for me on Saturday from Leanne!

I felt so poorly on Saturday morning, but I sat up in bed for ages just feeling this amazing piece. The texture is wonderful, especially on the underside where it hasn't been glazed, and yes, I had to lick it as well! It just has to be done doesn't it? I know I can't be the only one that has to do this to fully appreciate the texture of a piece! The blue on the inside is so pretty, it sparkles in the light and has a cracked appearance, and yet the surface is smooth. I've been carrying this piece around with me everywhere! I'm going to beg Leanne to make me a mug - something I can hold in my hands all the time.

I have always loved the contrast between glazed and unglazed areas. This mug has been my favourite mug for about 14 years for precisely that reason - and I own a lot of mugs!

Maybe I should write about my mug collection some time? If I wrote about one mug each week I'd probably have enough to keep me posting for two years! (And I could probably find something to say about each mug as well - how sad is that?)

This mug had special meaning for me when I bought it. My best friend at the time had just renounced her faith, and this mug was a reminder to me that I was a "sheep" and that I would continue to follow the Great Shepherd. I'm not sure if I consciously think of that each time I use it now, but it's still my special mug, and you have to be really special to get to use it!


Kathy L said...

Oh this piece is breath taking! It reminds me of Native AMerican art, more precisely Pueblo pottery from the sourthwest (Santa Clara pottery). Wow...Did I miss something, who made this piece? I hope you both feel better soon. We are all OK here in Illinois!


cynthia said...

Feel better!!

Gorgeous sgraffito pot's so much fun to meet up with fellow bloggers in person!

Undaunted said...

It's gorgeous isn't it Kathy? I should have stated in my post that this was made and sent to me by Leanne - I've edited the post now.

I'm glad you are all ok in Illinois! Thank you for the well wishes!

Hi Cynthia! Isn't Leanne's sgraffito amazing? She sent me some tools too so that I can have a try.

Thank you for your well wishes!

painter girl said...

Awwww Un D,
You are so sweet. Can't wait to see you and bring you some chocolate. Hope it doesn't get crushed on the plane.
I am sooooooooo excited to meet you in person.

Thanks Kathy and Cynthia for the sweet comments!

Off to London in an hour!

Undaunted said...

Hey, I thought you'd be on the plane already!

I've been getting really excited too! I just know we are going to have such a great time! I hope you have sneaked Queeny in your suitcase as a surprise for me!

See you soon!