Sunday, 8 March 2009

The Bird Lady

Yes, I spent the day with The Bird Lady today - also known as Leanne, or Painter Girl! We had such a great time! This is Leanne feeding the birds in... umm... someplace in London! (She had more of an idea of where we were than I did!) This bird actually perched on her finger and ate from the palm of her hand. I think it takes a special person to be so at one with nature, and for nature to recognise that in you.

We went to the National Gallery and saw the Picasso exhibition. I think I have a greater appreciation for his work after seeing it in the flesh. I wish I could have felt the texture of a lot of the paintings, but of course I couldn't do that. My favourite was a portrait of his first wife, Olga. Although it was definitely not the largest or the most colourful painting there, it seemed to stand out from all the others, grabbing my attention from inside another room.

Other highlights of the day included meeting Will (Leanne's hubby, really great bloke) and seeing lots of incredible sculptures, including the beautiful lions at Trafalgar Square, which strangely I didn't take a photo of even though I meant to. I told Leanne I'm going to make pieces like that one day, and she believed me. That's what I call true faith!

A beautiful sculpture opposite Buckingham Palace

Leanne (Buckingham Palace to the left)

And how could I forget the moment when I got trapped between the doors on the tube? Thankfully I don't have the bruises I was expecting, but it hurt! I was squashed! I wished Leanne had taken a photo because it must have looked hilarious! I couldn't stop laughing for ages, but I suppose you had to be there!

I really didn't want to say goodbye this evening, but tomorrow Leanne is coming to my little town, and to my clay class in the evening! Yay! We're going to clay together!


queencraftygirl said...

Oh! It looks and sounds like you all are having tons of fun! Have a great rest of the week!


Undaunted said...

Oh Queeny, yesterday was even more fun than Sunday! I don't want your aunt to go home!

Kathy L said...

Can't wait to hear about class. I loed the pictures.


Mom and daughter said...

Love that you two are having so much fun! Thanks for sharing.

Queeny's mom (Tara)

queencraftygirl said...

Maybe sometime you could come visit us. That would be wonderful!

How I wish I had a magic I could fly in the sky 'till I reached England... :)


Undaunted said...

Thank you Kathy and Tara!

I should have taken more photo's! I meant to take photo's at class but we were clock watching so that Leanne wouldn't miss her train back to London, and I completely forgot!

Tara, I feel like I have a new family!

Queeny, I wish you had a magic carpet too! I would love to come to visit you all - you wouldn't be able to get me to go home again!

mimilove forever said...

Jealous! I love the National...first gallery I ever went to..sigh...

Sounds like you had fab day...I too look forward to seeing your lion sculptures x;0)

Undaunted said...

Thank you Mimilove! But you might have to wait a while!

We were rushing round to do as much as we could in such a short space of time! We spent about an hour in the Picasso exhibition, but didn't really have time to see the rest of the gallery. Maybe next time!

painter girl said...

Oh Linda!
What fun I had with you and Mariah plowing through London, racing to see each place of delight. I am so glad I had a chance to meet you in person and that I got to meet your family also. Y'all are wonderful! Wish we could live closer so that we could meet up more often.

Undaunted said...

Hey Leanne! I'm glad you got home safely!

..."plowing through London, racing to see each place of delight." Hehehe, it was really like that wasn't it? I'm so glad I got to meet you too, and Will of course. I just wish we had longer.

My family were arguing over you earlier! I got a phone call from Charise:
"Auntie Linda, didn't I get to meet your friend Leanne?"
Me: "Yeah, why?"
Charise, talking to my family: "See I told you!"
then to me: "They didn't believe me!"

I look forward to meeting Queeny next time! :D