Monday, 30 March 2009

Another Glazing Disaster

Please do not adjust your screen settings when I tell you that this mug was glazed last week in deep pink with lilac flowers.

Not surprisingly then, I spent my evening doing this:

I'm told it can be glazed again because the glazes are brush on glazes, and therefore thicker and stickier, and will cling to the surface. But now I will have to wait until the end of April as tonight was the last class. Sorry Mum.

We're not sure what the problem was. It could be that some stupid idiot one has put a different colour into the container. One of the other students (who is more like a teaching assistant) is testing it. He found that a lot of the glaze had settled thickly at the bottom of the bottle, so maybe the problem was that it wasn't mixed thoroughly. I thought a good shake would be sufficient, but it seems some of these glazes have been sitting around since the beginning of time! I will not be making that mistake again!

On a brighter note, I remembered to photograph Leanne's demonstration piece tonight, which has now been fired and I glazed it tonight with the new bottle of clearly labeled transparent glaze! (But don't hold your breath!)

So, that's my last class until the end of April. I didn't mind spending the evening testing glazes since I get to make quite a few pieces at home. It's slightly disappointing that I haven't even finished one piece in class all term!! Maybe next term I will really get to grips with glazing and have lots of finished pieces to show you!


cynthia said...

Bummer about the glaze issue - it's truly the most frustrating part of the process (well at least for me).

Testing glazes is good - lets you see how they're fired with different applications, etc. It does sound like it's either contaminated, or needs to be sieved or something to evenly distribute all the chemicals. I had issues getting a pink/violet last year - if you layered a non-compatible glaze that could also give you problems. Pinks/red in oxidation are tricky. Though, if this is commercial, then it should have safe guards built in.

Love the tile!

Kathy L said...

Well if you look on the birght side of thing...little goofs like that sure teach us a lot. The cup is gorgeous even if the glaze is off.


Undaunted said...

Thanks Cynthia, it helps to know that it isn't just me!

This is a commercial glaze, but as you say, it seems that it has been contaminated or needs a good mixing. I'll know if it was contaminated or not when I go back to class and see the test that the other student did after mixing it really well.

Isn't the tile great? I couldn't believe how quickly Leanne carved it!

Thank you Kathy. Yes, I do feel like I learnt something this time - don't trust glazes that other people have used! And I shall have to make sure I mix glazes thoroughly in future!

painter girl said...

Oh I am so sorry that it didn't turn out the way you wanted.
I always say glazing is the hardest and most frustrating. I am having a hard time with one of my favorite glazes right now so I understand how you feel.

Undaunted said...

Thank you Leanne. It's like a completely different skill to pottery/sculpture isn't it? I suppose no matter how skilled someone becomes as a potter, glazing is always going to be unpredictable. We put ourselves through so much pain for the things we love dont we? :)

JafaBrit's Art said...

I actually LOVE the colour of the mug (and the design), but I understand your frustration. I was shocked once when I glazed a doggie I had made and fired and it came out a completely different colour. This glazing biz is a real science isn't it.

Undaunted said...

You can say that again Jafabrit!

Ooh, I would like to have seen your doggie :)

Thank you for your comments about the mug. There was a girl at class that really liked it too, so I might just make a new mug for my Mum and let her have this one.