Saturday, 15 November 2008

This Week's Drawing and Painting Class

I know, a little late in the week, but you'll be pleased to know that I did actually draw at class this week! This week we had to draw a portrait from a model. I found it incredibly difficult for several reasons:

1. The model seemed so far away!
2. The lighting was quite poor.
3. The model seemed to blend into the background / the background was too busy.

For these reasons I actually struggled to see the outline of the model's face, particularly the mouth and jaw area in drawing two, so I feel they protrude too far now. Also, we had to draw the model twice from two different directions, so I didn't feel I had adequate time to finish each drawing - we had about 50 minutes for each drawing, which sounds like loads of time, but it seemed to go so quickly! Still, the purpose was to simply get a feel for proportions, and I enjoyed it and it's put me in the mood for more drawing!

I tried to sketch quickly in each of these instead of being a perfectionist about shading, because of the time factor.

Hmm... he looks a little cross eyed in this picture!

Next week we shall be figure drawing, and I will also be going to a life drawing class again later in the week, so I should have lots to post!

Pencil on A4 heavyweight paper.

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