Thursday, 6 November 2008

I am Undaunted... I made this lino cut last night for my next mug and anything else I decide to stick it on. I may or may not use the lettering.

What does it mean? Well... it just means Three, obviously... *ahem*... so moving swiftly on...

I had this idea of making a little "table" for my castle and other pieces to sit on whilst being glaze fired.
1. The piece will be elevated above the shelf of the kiln
2. The piece will be resting on a flat surface i.e. the table top
3. If I make the circumference slightly smaller than the castle then the glaze is less likely to run onto it and fuse the two together

If it does then I think it will look ok on the castle and the bowl, but it might look a bit silly on the mug. But then the mug was only a trial run anyway, and from now on I will make a foot/feet for everything. This should keep my tutor happy, and if not then I know he is being deliberately awkward and the only reasonable thing left for me to do would be to kill him and face the consequences. I hear they have very good art facilities in prison.

Afterthought: It means Three Words - "Yes We/I Can"! Of course it does. Yep, that's what I meant all along. :)


mimilove forever said...

"Three...that's the magic number"

If it's good enuff for De La Soul!!

You go girlfren' and I'm glad to see you've not been discouraged by the miserable git tutor! x;0)

Undaunted said...

Hahaha, I knew I had heard that saying somewhere but I couldn't think where! Thanks for the reminder! You seem to have a vast knowledge of... umm... music! (going by the lyrics you embroider on your pieces too!)

Hehe, that's exactly the expression I wanted to use to describe him!