Tuesday, 25 November 2008

This Week's Ceramics Class and Other Clay Stuff

What a week! I hardly know where to start - there is so much to show you! So I think I'll start with something I can't show you!

Despite my confidence crisis last week I was itching to get my clay out by Thursday, so late in the evening (ok, maybe early Friday morning) I made a plate using just an ordinary dinner plate as a mould. I went for a very simple design of a plain plate with a couple of flowers at the side, inspired by the work of Whitney Smith. I can't show you this as I took it to class lass night to be fired when it's dry (and it looked patchy part dried - not a good photo look).

What I can show you is this mug that I made to go with it!

As this is slab built, to get the mug to come in at the bottom I cut four triangle pieces out, about an inch deep, but not very wide. The top isn't level and I noticed it bowls out slightly more on one side than the other, so I think I should have been more careful to get the triangles the same.

Talking of mugs, the prototype of my Mum's mug was ready to bring home from class this week.

Hmm... lots of glaze run there and not exactly round either! One lady at class was absolutely raving about it though! It was a little embarrassing, but at least I didn't have any confidence issues this week!

Here is my first coil built bowl as well, decorated with my first try at sgraffito.

The pedestals worked perfectly - thank you Cynthia!

And here is my little head from the first week!

I think this definitely screams "Found Art Tuesday"! But he/she needs a name - any suggestions?

My clay class was really enjoyable this week. Despite getting there about 45 minutes early, we were about 40 minutes into the class before I even started doing anything! I had spent all that time chatting with the other students and admiring other peoples work. The tutor had brought in a selection of pieces by other artists to show us, and he explained how each effect had been achieved, which was really interesting.

When I finally got going with the clay everything just seemed to go right. It was like a dream! I'm very happy to show you my work in progress so far - I'm really proud of this piece.

Now I just need to decide how to decorate it! Ah, the possibilities are endless! I thought I might try a little sgraffito, maybe a few hand made flowers, and even some slip trailing!



I like the head.

Undaunted said...

Thank you Judi! I thought I might make a whole family of them!

painter girl said...

You have been busy. Scaffito! Love it!
Did you enjoy the process?
And your finished cup looks nice. I will be excited to see how you decorate your newest piece. I know it will be beautiful.

Undaunted said...

Thank you Leanne! I hope so! (That the vase will be beautiful) I've had some more ideas on that, but unfortunately it doesn't include sgraffito this time. I love your sgraffito pieces so much but when it comes to creating my own my mind just goes blank! The design on the bowl was a very simple one, but yes, it was fun to do! I may have to leave the sgraffito until January now, as classes finish soon and I have no coloured slip at home. :(