Tuesday, 28 October 2008

What a Mug!

Some people seem very confused by the whole 'ceramics' thing. I find myself having to explain to people: "You know, things made with clay". One evening someone asked me "What's the point of that then?" I hesitated before I answered: "Umm... well... you make things".

My Mum was absolutely hilarious tonight. She was bemoaning the loss of her favourite mug - the one that holds nearly a whole pint. "Don't worry Mum, I'll make you a new one" I said. "But will I be able to use it?" she asked. "Of course you will, what do you mean?" My sister started laughing: "Mum thinks you're just going to make it out of clay and give it to her like that!"

Hmm, cup of slip anyone? I can't help wondering if she thought it would be something like what we would have made when we were children - y'know, a coil built mug without the coils smoothed together, unfired and obviously unglazed. I like to think my skills have progressed since then!

"No, it will be a proper mug! You can have it any colour you want Mum"
"Can I have a purple one?"
"Except a purple one"
"Oh. Can I have a pink one?"
"And not a pink one. You can have any colour you want as long as it's one of the six colours we have at class" :)


mimilove forever said...


thank you popping by taking the time to leave such a lovely comment

Looking forward to seing your mum's mug!

painter girl said...

Great story!
Love it!
I can't wait to see what her mug looks like either.
I get the color thing too when I do orders.
A lot of people ask me about orange.....and pink...I can do pink but it is not a really nice pink that I can see on a pot...

Kathy L said...

Oh I am laughing! So like a Mom. You know you are going to have to be sure to post that mug for us all to see! Happy Halloween by the way...

Undaunted said...

Hi Mimilove! *waves* You're welcome! I LOVE your paintings!

Hi Leanne, I was wondering about pink too - I'm sure I saw a recipe somewhere, I'll have to find that.

I know Kathy, aren't Mum's great? My Mum's so funny and my sister does a great impression of her!
Thank you for your Halloween wishes, I hope you enjoy your party!

And no worries everyone, I will definitely post the mug when it is done. Not sure how long that will be though - I have some other projects planned too.

cynthia said...

I think there's a big disconnect for people about how stuff is made sometimes - that's partly why I started my blog years ago - to hopefully impress upon non clay people the time and craftsmanship that goes into making pottery and ceramics.

It doesn't just stop at pottery though. A few years ago, I remember giving a hands on gardening workshop to an elementary aged classroom and I asked where food came from. More than one student answered that food was made in a grocery store.

As to the linocuts, carve away! I didn't invent it ;)

Undaunted said...

Cynthia I've been very surprised at how confused people are about clay, but I suppose you're right - people just don't think about how things are made. The food from the grocery store is a classic example of that! I remember seeing a program on TV and the kids were asked where peas came from, and they all seemed to think they come from a tin!

About the linocuts... time for another post!