Friday, 17 October 2008

Drawing and Painting - Class Four

Well, I have nothing to show you from Class Four of my Drawing and Painting class because unfortunately I wasn't well enough to go. I've had a really heavy cold this week that started on Monday evening after my ceramics class. I'm glad it started after my ceramics class and not before because that is one class I am not willing to miss! And I hope I feel better by Monday again!

Monday will be my first time on the potters wheel! I can't wait! Everyone has said how difficult it is at first and that it takes a while to get the hang of it - and I shall probably only have an hour because 3 wheels have to be shared between a whole class - but I don't care, I just can't wait to have that opportunity. There will be no "fail", only "experience". I've wanted to try pottery for as long as I can remember - certainly from when I started clay sculpting in school, but the school didn't have a potters wheel. In fact, I'm not sure which will be the most fulfilling - the trying or the accomplishing. I know it must be a wonderful feeling to produce your first pot on a potters wheel, but for anyone who loves clay surely the process is just as wonderful? That time spent with the soft, cold, wet clay between your fingers and the wonderful earthy smell as you work?

I wish every day was a Monday!


Peter Holland said...

Hey Linda Undaunted

I like your positive style, a girl after my own heart - you listen to your own voice, not anyone elses. This means you will go far. Who needs degrees? You just do it, no messing.

For every person I speak to like you, there are 1000 who don't get it.

If a 100 foot oak tree had the brain of the average human, it would only be 10 feet tall.

The is only one person who decides your worthiness - that's YOU. Get it? Last time I looked there wasn't a rubber stamp across our foreheads put there by the Almighty saying "worthy or unworthy". So its our own choice.

You may have guessed it, your blog flagged up a pet subject of mine. Thanks.

How about some photos, Undaunted?


Undaunted said...

Oh. My. Goodness.

Peter, I just took a look at your amazing work. How is it that you came across a beginners blog like mine? Thank you SO much for commenting on my blog. Wow, what a compliment.

I completely love figurines, although I don't own any (they're too expensive!) I've loved them since I was a young child and it is my dream to be able to make them! You make it look so easy! I'm totally inspired.

Thank you again for commenting and leaving a link to your website.

There are photo's of my efforts in some of the other posts on this blog. Oh, do you mean the things I made at school? I'm afraid they are long gone. After my art college rejection one broke on the way home from the interview and I gave the others away. I never thought I would pick up a piece of clay again. Unfortunately I haven't always been undaunted.