Saturday, 14 May 2011

What's three months between friends?

Hello everybody! I just thought I would come online to announce that I am not dead, and I am still alive and (just about) kicking!

I have hardly been creative at all since... well, since last year really, which is shocking! I have made a few decorative plates and a few coasters, but that's about it. The worst thing is, I haven't even been keeping up to date with everyone else's blogs! Unforgivable! I don't even really know where all my time goes! I've been struggling with all of the usual struggles, which I won't list because it's so... boring.

In other news, I bought a new camera :) mainly because the camera on my new phone is so rubbish! But also because... we're going on holiday this year! Yes, our first holiday in 12 years! So I wanted a decent camera because we plan to go to the zoo and the sea life centre, and I want to get some good photos (for reference maybe). I have mixed feeling about these places because animals shouldn't really be kept in cages, but on the other hand it's a fantastic opportunity for your average Jo Bloggs (i.e. me) to see these amazing creatures in the flesh, and sometimes these places do good things in breeding rare animals and raising awareness.

So that's my little bit of news, now here's the photos...

I tried to make some porcelain pendants, but they started cracking before I'd even finished making them!

These are some decorative plates I made using wall paper!

This one is actually diamond shaped which doesn't show very well in the photo.

And I also made some coasters.

It's gonna take me a very long time to fill my kiln at this rate!


DirtKicker Pottery said...

Linda!! So good to see a new blog post from you :) Your new work is wonderful. I love those plates. Glad you are finally going on vacation this year. Enjoy that camera and take lots of pictures.

Undaunted said...

Thank you so much Cindy :)

mona said...

Glad your back my dear. I've been missing both you and Angela lately. That time of year I guess. Love the new work. The wall paper idea is pretty cool.

I too have mixed emotions about zoo but since I only work from my own photos without them I'd have no exotic critter art. Still saddens me though when I see an animal really stressed and pacing or anytime I visit a great apes display. As you said though many zoo provide breeding for savin endangered species not to mention get people excited and proactive in saving the animals they see.

Hope you post tons of picks from your vacation. :)

Undaunted said...

Hello Mona! And thank you!

Yes, I hope to get loads of cool photos! I haven't been to a zoo since I was a kid, so I'm really looking forward to it. These wildlife programs blow me away! I'm not sure how good the zoo local to our holiday destination will be... I really want to see some elephants but I don't think they have any :(