Sunday, 15 May 2011

What am I doing??

Hey, no posts in three months and then two posts in as many days! What's going on?? :)

I just thought I'd share my thoughts with you today because I feel like I'm losing myself somewhere. Being tired and busy with other things has just sucked the enthusiasm right out of me, so any energy and motivation I can muster up is precious.

I have this show coming up in July that I said I would take part in, although I haven't officially booked my stall yet. Deep down I know I'm too tired to get ready for it, but I can't bring myself to send that cancellation email because I was really looking forward to taking part. This would be my biggest event yet, and there will be so many other fun things going on, like live tribute bands. I can hear them from my house every year and they sound great!

Now, the thing is, I actually have some items already that I could display, so if push came to shove I wouldn't actually need to make any more to have a full stall, but these are mostly larger items that people are less likely to buy. If I want to recoup my stall fee I know I need to make some smaller items, so with my limited energy I need to ask myself if I can really do it. And realistically, I am not going to fill my kiln, so is it worth it? And do I want to waste my energy making saleable items, instead of pieces of art?

Yes, I know the sensible answer is to just send off that cancellation email...

And I'm starting to think I should have bought a smaller kiln.

Update: 16/5/11 I've sent off the cancellation email! The deciding factor was seeing a program about Pandas last night, and now I want to make one! :)


Kathy L said...

Waiting on that Panda :) Good to hear from you!

Undaunted said...

Thank you Kathy! :)