Saturday, 8 March 2008

Found Art Tuesday – on a Saturday

I’ve been really itching to do some painting or drawing or just something that involves me freeing my mind of all the garbage this life throws at us, but most of that garbage exists or happens in or around my home so it’s not really an environment conducive to feeling inspired creatively. I’ve also been pining for my pastels from 20 years ago. So last night I made a decision, and nothing (and I mean nothing) was going to thwart my plans!

My poor friend was dragged out of her house today and away from her painting, into town. I bought pastels, both oil and chalk, and we drank hot chocolate in Costa Fortune Coffee whilst we created our Found Art Tuesday pieces. What a lovely experience, and definitely one I will be repeating.

Anita did a sketch in pen of a man sitting outside with his friends, and when she showed it to him through the window he was chuffed to bits! He came inside to speak to her, and she let him keep the drawing, using it as a good opportunity to tell him about her upcoming exhibition. She then drew a beautiful Sun for this weeks Found Art theme of “Day”, and called it “The First Creative Day” (I should have taken a photo). My piece was called “Dawn, on The Blue Planet”.

Whereas last time we looked like a right couple of suspicious characters, trying to leave our Found Art without being seen, this time we had no qualms about just leaving our pieces on the table where we had drawn them. Who knows, maybe we will gain a reputation for drawing and leaving art in public?

But most importantly - Yay! I have Pastels!

Oil Pastels on A5 heavy weight paper


JafaBrit's Art said...

Feels soooooo good doesn't it, very freeing. I love the little piece of art.

Undaunted said...

Thank you Jafabrit.

Yes, it was lovely, just creating and chatting. It was very relaxing. We shall take our own dish cloth next time though - we made such a mess!