Tuesday, 2 April 2013

A Change in Direction

Hello! Yes, I realise it has been a very long time! Is anyone still there? I suppose it's just too easy to post a quick update on my Facebook page and forget about the blog, but this time I have more to say than one or two sentences.

Clay time, for me, has been very hit and miss for a long time. Most of this has to do with my ongoing health problems. Yes, as well as now having to take medication for my thyroid, last September I also had to take the drastic step of cutting out wheat and gluten from my diet. It's not as hard as I thought it would be, temptation wise, but remembering to check the labels on absolutely everything has been a challenge. Although I miss some foods, any temptation is quickly eliminated by the thought of the consequences. "A little bit of what you fancy does you good" and "a little bit won't hurt" really doesn't apply in this situation.

So, I have managed to take up swimming again, which I love. I'm trying to slowly build up my stamina and strength, and I'm hoping this will benefit me in other areas of life as well, including clay time. Oh no, never fear! Did you think that by "change in direction" I meant I was going to give up clay? And art? No no no! I've still been thinking over various ideas, but my health problems have led to a serious lack of motivation in every area of life. Coupled with that, after my bad experiences with shows, I've still been left wondering what my purpose is regarding my art. Who is it for? What do I hope to achieve? And this is where my change of direction takes place.

I don't want to make items for sale anymore. I'm not saying I never will, but in the past I haven't found it fulfilling. I mean, it's very exciting when you realise that someone is willing to part with their hard earned cash to own one of your pieces, but I'm not a business kind of person. I've realised that artists have to work very hard at promoting themselves and their art and I'm just not that sort of person. And I always found it very stressful trying to put a price on things. There is definitely more happiness in giving, and I have been inspired by the wonderful Cindy Gilliland (Dirtkicker Pottery) and her "Praise Him" collection. I have decided that besides making items as gifts for friends and family, I want to make pieces for charity. The only question is whether they will want my pieces!

So if you are connected to a charity, and you have an event coming up later in the year, drop me a line :)

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