Saturday, 15 October 2011

There's no rush

Time for a little update - I haven't had much clay time, but I have had some!

That bowl/vase/I hadn't decided yet, turned out to be a large candle holder:

The clay has dried out here so it looks very pale, but once fired and glazed the blue slip on here will be dark blue. I've scraped some off, and I'm hoping that it will produce a streaky cloud effect. It's just an experiment really, so we shall see!

I have made more shot "glasses" as well:

The frustrating thing is that despite using a stencil each of them seem to have come out a different size! It probably has something to do with me being extremely impatient and not letting the clay shrink a little after rolling it out or something. I'm also using a different clay at the moment. My white stoneware clay didn't come out quite as white as I wanted it to, so this is from my bag of St Patrick's white. It's quite grainy actually, so I hope that doesn't effect the glazing of the pieces. These each have something different written on them.

And then finally, another unfinished piece:

It doesn't look like much at the moment, but this will be another candle holder. I want to experiment with the shape at the top of this one. I'm enjoying experimenting, and after all, that's what it's all about - experimenting, growing, learning, and having fun.

After doing a little run of shows last year I struggled a little bit with my feelings about my art. Partly because no one seemed to really appreciate it, and partly because I felt like I was just producing it for other people. I've been invited to do a couple of shows this winter, but I think I will give it a miss, continue to work at my own pace, and if next year I have a body of work to show then great, but at least there is no pressure. Art shouldn't feel pressured. So I'm hoping that working at this relaxed pace I may be able to produce something amazing, but we shall see. I shall keep you updated anyway :)

I'm also looking forward to making more tortoises! None of them sold at the shows, although my sister bought a couple, and the rest I gave away as gifts, but I really enjoyed making them! So that may be next on my list, just to keep changing what I'm making to keep it fun.


Bonnie said...

Hello from another self-taught artist. I know exactly what you mean about struggling with your own feelings about your art, and only making things to give away! I think that many, many artists have the same feelings of not being too sure about the value of doing it, is it enough to make art for its own sake, is mine "good enough" to even be called art? For me, even saying that I AM an artist brings a small twinge in the gut because I (secretly) feel like an impostor? I could go on! But you are quite right, sometimes the education system misses. Sometimes it's our parents, and sometimes we are our own worst enemies because we censor ourselves and our art, and don't believe in ourselves. Whatever it is, we have to rise above it and answer the call. So you go, girl. Keep right on playing and learning and just plain enjoying your art. Embrace life and believe!

Wow. I do run on, sorry. Hehe.


Undaunted said...

Hehehe, not at all! You run on as much as you like! Nice to meet you Bonnie, and welcome to my blog :)

My issue with my art just lately is that I had been thinking too much about what others want me to make, and what I think will sell, rather than what *I* want to make. I spent a lot of time and energy on preparing for shows, and not feeling satisfied within myself. It became more about production rather than taking my time and enjoying the process. It's hard not to get sucked in to it though, because who doesn't want to show off their work and have some bought by others? It's the ultimate compliment and helps us deal with those feelings you mentioned of whether our work is good enough.

Now who's going on?!

I looked at your blog by the way, and your pieces are beautiful! Thanks for coming over and sharing your thoughts.

JafaBrit's Art said...

I agree with Bonnie, keep playing, because it's in that process that the joy starts to shine through and new work that glows.