Wednesday, 8 June 2011

He's done!

Yep, I finally finished Mr Squirrel and moved him to the "drying cabinet" today! (which is really just a portable green house, but it works just as well)

Last night I hated him - today, not so much. I "tweaked" him this morning, so he looks very slightly different to these photos from last night. Not much, just a little in the wrists, which I think look a little deformed here (well, mostly the other one, which you can see in the 3rd photo).

This is the best I could do with his hands.

He kind of looks like he's sitting down instead of squatting on his feet. I tried to correct this a little by bringing the bottom of the legs in, but he still looks a little... laid back.

And I'm still not really sure about the tail, although it's not quite as flat as it looks in the photos.

I made this one to replace the squirrel I gave away (you see, I don't really want to part with them). In some ways I think this one looks better (the hands and the face, and the ears are positioned better), in other ways not so good (I like the tail on the other one, although it should have been wider at the top, and the other one was rounder and leaning forward more), but I'm hoping overall this one will be better once I have glazed him. Looking back, the glaze on the last one was awful!

The "other one"

I gave this one to my brother and sister in law as an anniversary present, and I must say, they looked very disappointed! Last I heard it was being used to keep a cupboard door shut!

Time for my panda!!


Leanne Pizio said...

Love this little guy! He is wonderful.....I think his little paws are perfect. He reminds me of my little squirrel friend who live in the attic of the studio....except they are grey:)

Undaunted said...

Ahh, how cute! I can imagine your studio being surrounded by little critter friends - animals just seem to be drawn to you.

Did I give him the right amount of fingers? That would be so typical if I found out at this late stage the the hands are still wrong!

Thanks Leanne, I'm glad you like him! :)

Kathy L said...

I really like him (or is it a her). And I love the reference to the other one. Get a glazing girl...wantto see him done!

Undaunted said...

Thanks Kathy :) You might have to wait a while to see him/her finished though - I've got a big kiln to fill!