Thursday, 26 August 2010

Ok, another question!

I started another couple of vases yesterday, but before too long they were too floppy for me to work on, so I started another couple of vases while I was waiting for them to set a little.

So now I have four vases on the go and one big problem - the weather. I'm leaving the vases unwrapped, but the air is so cold and damp that they just don't want to stiffen up!

I'm thinking about actually using my hair dryer on them! But I know that usually quick drying results in cracking. Do you think it will be ok since I'm not completely drying the pot?

I saw a video on youtube once of a man using a blowtorch on his pot! I really thought it would make the pot crack, but apparently not. So, surely a hair dryer will be ok?


Kim Hines said...

you should be able to dry it enough to firm it up a bit. but if part of it starts to get leather hard while the other is still pretty soft you can get into trouble, really depends on the piece. if that happens wrap it up and leave it so the moisture can even out.

Anonymous said...

Hair dryer is fine. You're not drying the pot out just helping it along. I've used my torch a few times.

Do it while it's spinning on the wheel.

DirtKicker Pottery said...

That's a great question. I have the same problem with porcelain. I was considering buying a blowtorch. I think a hair dryer would have the same results, maybe just take a little longer. Let us know how the hair dryer works.

Undaunted said...

Thank you all so much for you advice! I did it and it seemed to work fine! :) Thankfully the weather is warm and sunny again today, so no drying issues. But at least I know what to do in the future! (Like, tomorrow probably!)

Anonymous said...

How did everything go?

Anonymous said...

Love the vases you've made recently. They are very unique.

I made my first pajama shorts. I actually made two. I wear them to bed every night. I am so happy with them. I should probably make some pants soon as it the weather will start getting cold. Hope you'll come take a look. By the way, I am turning 10 this weekend.


Undaunted said...

Hi Scott, everything worked fine thanks! The hair dryer has become an important piece of equipment in my studio now!

Hi Emily! Thank you so much! Your shorts sound great! I shall pop over right now to see!