Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Weaknesses, Phobia's, and Sheer Horror

Mugs. My weakness. I said I wasn't going to buy any more - I have no room, and anyway, I can make my own! (Although I was toying with the idea of starting a new mug collection - mugs from all my favourite ceramic artists!) But today I saw these, and I just couldn't help myself...

a "Maynards Wine Gums" mug and a "Bassetts Liquorice Allsorts" mug
Do you have these sweets in the states?

Anyway, I decided I deserved a treat after my busy and distressing day. "Oh no, why was that Linda?" I'm glad you asked! I'll tell you why, because it is autumn here in sunny England - also known as the arachnid season. Actually, it isn't, I just made that up, but we do get rather a lot of them at this time of year. And they are my phobia. Now you know two things about me - my weakness and my phobia. So our conservatory has become one giant web and home to every spider in the entire country and my sister very kindly offered to vacuum it out for me because spiders don't bother her. Her phobia is rats and mice. But let me tell you, even she was freaked because there were so many and they were so big. I stayed inside, quivering and crying in fear.

Holy broomstick. It gets worse...

So then she goes to tackle the outside toilet (meaning attached to the house but the entrance is outside). I mean, whose idea was it to build outside toilets? What sort of a stupid idea is that? Who wants to freeze their butt off to go to the toilet? And who wants passers by to hear them straining to do a number two? Ok, enough with the mental imagery. I hate outside toilets because spiders love them. I have not set foot in that toilet the whole 12 years that we have lived here! So when my sister swung open the door we got a bit of a shock... the floor was covered in RATS DROPPINGS!!

(dramatic pause for effect)

Can you believe that?? I've been in shock for the rest of the day. I'm waiting to hear when the pest control man is coming round, but in the mean time I felt I deserved a couple of new mugs... and a couple of bars of chocolate... and a bottle of Bailey's. The back door is well and truly locked, and my poor sister was so traumatised that I felt the least I could do was to buy her one of those plug in things that deter rats and mice for her home!! Other wise she would never sleep again!

So that was today. In other news I have had a completely inactive, uneventful, unproductive, not worth writing about, summer. Which is why I didn't. Write about it, that is. I've not really been feeling all that grand, so I'm having some blood tests on Friday.

Also, my classes start again on Monday! I wanted to buy more glazes before then but I'm having trouble choosing!


Kathy L said...

You so crack me up! Ok so I love the mugs, and we don't have those candies which look absolutely lovely and yummy. Hope the doctor goes ok. And I have some droppings inside my house! As a matter of fact we caught a little bugger in my finished basement! It was some kind of vole or mole thing. They all try to get inside as it gets cooler!

Dirt-Kicker Pottery said...

I agree.. Those are a couple irresistible mugs.

Angela Finney said...

What a graphic post! I hope you are both recovering. Hope everything is o.k. with the blood tests. Was wondering where you went and if you were o.k. Glad to see you back. Hopefully classes will rejuvenate you.

Leanne Pizio said...

Hey Linda!!!!!!
We missed you out here in the blogisphere! Sorry you are having a time with the spidy creatures. I got bitten this summer and I was worried for a little bit that is was a brown of those oh so fun spider bites that can make your skin fall off....but thank God it wasn't! I have been super wary of the little creatures since. Hope they all pack up and leave you alone.

Good luck with your tests. I will be praying for you.


Undaunted said...

Hehehe, hello ladies! We had the pest control man round today, and he said the rats haven't been living there, they've just been using our toilet as ... er ... a toilet! Nice! No sign of them in the house though and he seems to think a few flushes of the toilet now and then will keep them away!

I'm glad you like the mugs Kathy! Eeeek! Droppings in the house? I'm glad you caught him!

Hi Cindy! Thanks for dropping by. I took a look at your blog and your pieces are lovely and so professional! I can't believe you've only been throwing for a year!

Um... yeah, sorry about the details Angela! Maybe I should have written a warning! I'm feeling good today thanks, although still nervous of the spiders when I went out to the conservatory earlier. My sister is still a nervous wreck though! I might have to pay for therapy for her! I hate to think what she would be like if she actually saw a rat!

Hey Leanne!! Oh, I really need to spend some time catching up with everyone's blogs! Ouch! I'm glad the spider that bit you wasn't dangerous! I've always been scared of spiders but it's got worse in recent years since I suffer from anxiety anyway! Thank you so much, I'll let you all know my results.

DJ said...

I'm sorry you & your sister had to go through all that. Here's hoping your Dr.'s appointment will go well.

Undaunted said...

Thank you DJ! I took a look at your blog and I love your paintings! So loose and free... I love that.

mona said...

Undaunted!!!! Glad to see you back my dear. I have missed you and een worried about you. Had thought about emailing but I figured you were looking for a little peace so I let you be.

Hope the Dr. goes well.

Big Hug.

Undaunted said...

Thank you so much Mona! It's good to be back too! I shall update you all when my results come through. Thanks for the hug!