Monday, 22 June 2009

Tree Fairy Vase, Glazed and Finished

Yes, as the title suggests, the Tree Fairy vase has been glazed, and I think I can now consider it "finished".

When it came out of the kiln after the first glaze firing, the face was so bright you needed sunglasses to look at it! I put a translucent white over the top to try to tone it down a bit, so it's not so bright now, but I was still unsure about the yellow face when I brought it home last week. I think I'm getting used to it now though.

The glaze on the inside is supposed to be clear! Which it clearly isn't - no pun intended! That's class glazes for you! You may notice the crazing on the inside as well (especially if you click to enlarge). I was a bit disappointed about that because it means that this piece won't be water tight enough to use as an actual vase.

In other news

My class was cancelled tonight (I have no idea why) but I was quite pleased as I couldn't make it anyway (car trouble, long story). So this means another class should be added on to the end of term, so I haven't missed out!

Tonight I kept myself busy coiling bowls. Here they are, one slightly larger than the other.

I should be quite pleased, but another three bowls ended up in the "recycling clay" bag! Even these don't look as "bowly" as the one that ended up with the bottom ripped off! Remember that one?




And before I go I must also say a big thank you to Debby from Mud, Pies, and Pots, for awarding me the One Lovely Blog Award! It was such a shock because I hadn't seen Debby's blog previously and I didn't know she had seen mine!

Like myself, Debby was also discouraged for a long time from pursuing art, as she explains: "I always knew that I was creative, but only as recently as 2 years ago really embraced that fact." Yay for embracement! And I can really relate to her feelings about clay: "I love the earthy, musty smell of clay - I love the feel of it too... I love clay. I love clay. I love clay."

Apparently I am supposed to link to 15 other blogs that I have newly discovered! But I haven't discovered any! (Apart from the blogs that Debby links to in her award post - and I strongly recommend that you look through them; she links to some fabulous potters)

Until the next time...


Kathy L said...


The tree fairy is beautiful! I adore it. My son is sitting next to me right now, he is all of 14 and he just thinks that the fairy is cool. As far as using it for real flowers, can you find a plastic insert at a local flower store, like they put in clay pots or vases. That would definately do the trick. These inserts are plastic and clear. Even if one is too tall you could cut it down to the right height.


Undaunted said...

Thank you Kathy and Colin! And thanks for the tip! I shall have to look out for one of those.

queencraftygirl said...

I absolutely love your tree fairy! Her face is perfect. I love it as it is. She's so pretty! If you aren't going to put flowers inside her then you could always make a neat little forest dwarf out of clay and stick it inside. Hehe! That would be neat.


Undaunted said...

Thank you so much Queeny! I'm glad you like her! Now that I'm getting used to her I like it, but I hated it at first! Not sure if I know what a forest dwarf should look like but it's a great idea!