Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

So, the big headline news this week is that Britain has snow. Apparently we haven't had snow like it in over 20 years. That being the case, I wonder why we have grouchy old bags like Margaret Morrissey from the Parents Outloud campaign group saying that school closures sent the wrong signals to children "that when things get difficult, you should just stay at home and have fun".

Oh ok, so bus, train, and plane services can stop running, and the whole nation is advised not to drive by car unless it is absolutely necessary, and that doesn't give out any signals that when things get difficult you should just stay at home, does it? But despite all that, schools should still stay open and children should be forced to go in? What message does that send out?

If we only have this much snow every 20 years, chances are that this will be the only childhood memory of a decent amount of snow these kids will have. Let them play!

The poor kids in our town have been couped up in their schools all day. I remember those days well - getting wet from the snow and having to stay in our wet things all day, and the school heating system not working properly - believe me, we were better off at home.

My classes, on the other hand, were cancelled this week. Don't ask me why, we only had 2 inches of snow here.


painter girl said...

Oh Snow!
We love you and your divine white coldness. Fall down on our shoulders and bless us with your wintery kisses.

I tagged you Linda for a meme. Hope you enjoy!

Undaunted said...

That's beautiful. Is it a quote from something?

Thanks for the tag Leanne - I think! My list won't be as exciting as yours!

painter girl said...

Hey UnD,
Thank you! I just made it up. I was inspired by the snow that fell last night right at dusk. It was one of the most beautiful sights this year.

Undaunted said...

Oh, that's so lovely! You should write a whole poem!

When I first read your comment I misread it and thought you said "I was inspired by the snow flake that fell last night" Hahaha! One snow flake!

We should be getting more snow tonight! Yippee!

kathi dunphy said...

Oh I do wish I could send all you snow lovers loads and loads of ours here in canada. We have lots extra! The snow is up to the top of the pasture gate so we have to tie rope across to prevent the horses stepping over. Bring on spring!

Undaunted said...

Kathi, what did you do?? Your post is time stamped 2:31am (our time) and it started snowing shortly before 3am!! Yippee! Thank you for sending your snow over! According to the forecast we could have snow pretty much for the rest of the day now (it's now 4:45am - snow still coming fast!)

Wow, you really have some deep snow! How do the horses step over the gate though? I mean, don't they just... sink in the snow?