Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Sloppy Slip and Slippy Slop!

I didn't realise until some time after that my last post was actually my 100th post! Go me!

So anyway, this past week seems to have gone by fairly quickly without me actually accomplishing very much. I did make myself some slip for slip trailing though, which was an interesting and very messy experience!

Previously I had broken up some drying clay into small pieces and soaked them in water in a large bowl. Last week I finally got round to blending it in the blender to give it a smoother consistency.

Improvising, as I often do, I thought this unused sauce bottle would be suitable for the slip, seeing as the nozzle in the second hand slip bulb that I have is big enough to pass an egg through! (Ok, slight exaggeration, but you get my point)

Unfortunately, it seems the nozzle on the sauce bottle wasn't much better! I need two things - a finer nozzle and a lot of practice! Just look at those splats on the top right hand corner!

The remaining unblended slop was laid out on a piece of plaster board to firm up enough to wedge and re-use. It took days!

I now finally have a ball of soft clay to use for the dish to go under my plant pot! But now I am waiting until I have a finer nozzle to decorate it with!

In other news
I started back at class last night, with my new tutor. More about that next time!


mimilove forever said...

Good luck with the new tutor (there should be some dramatic music to accompany that!) :)

Have you fired Swanee yet??!

Here's to a claytastic new year madam, and keep up the portraiture too! x;0)

Undaunted said...

Thank you Mimi! :) No, I haven't had Swanee fired yet, but she's dried out nicely so maybe next week!

Your lovely elephant painting has inspired me to try to make an elephant (not life size, obviously!) but I have so many other ideas as well, I'm not sure when I will eventually get round to it!

Kathy L said...

So glad you are beginning the new yer with a new tutor! I am hoping to see lots of great stuff!


painter girl said...

Hey Un D!
Can't wait to hear about the new tutor. Good job with the slip making. They make the smallest slip trailers these days. they clog up quite a bit but you can get a really fine line.

Undaunted said...

Thank you Kathy! I hope I won't disappoint you! I have lots of plans!

Thanks Leanne! I'll have to put one of those on my shopping list!